The American Bass Association PA & NJ ...........

.....is non-profit. As much of your money as possible, is paid back at tournament time.

.....should NOT be confused with American Bass Anglers. We are a COMPLETELY different entity.

.....is the longest standing team circuit in the mid-atlantic area.

.....fishes the best waters at the best times of the year.

.....has 5 qualifying tournaments with a reduced fee Classic Championship at the end of the year.

​If you haven't tried us out yet, we also........

......offer a high level of competition, which will make you a better angler.

......offer competitors with class. Nobody here will crowd you or jump in front.

If you've never fished as a team before.......

......what are you going to do with all that extra money, now that you are splitting expenses with someone?

......what are you going to do with all that extra sleep, now that someone else can drive?

......how will your knowledge expand? Two heads are better than one ya know. 

If you can't commit to a whole year, we understand. Pick one tournament and give us a try.

      Title                   Name                            Phone Number                    Email
      President          Fred Eurick                 908-237-2482                        feurick@embarkmail.com

      V-President      Mark Dilatush             609-433-0649                        dilatush@optonline.net

      Secretary          Ryan Park                    717-989-3745                        rpark@its.jnj.com   

      Treasurer         Paul Renaldo               908-507-7587                        LS205er@gmail.com


      Director            Paul Renaldo                                   



      Director            Mark Dilatush

Board of Directors